Rockin’ With Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is making a national appearance this Sunday. To be considered for this event is a large honor. People strive to make the cut. This event only happens once a year. The fee runs about a million and above. It is the Super Bowl XLVI. Coca-Cola has gotten the privilege of airing their commercial for the sixth consecutive year in a row. This year is different than all of the rest. Coca-Cola is inviting consumers to watch the game with the two polar bears on their “snowfa” while enjoying a Coke. Second screen media consumption is growing a rapid pace and Coca-Cola is connecting with its consumers past the traditional television screen to the social media world. Traditional advertising is taking second place to the social media tools that viewers now regularly use.

The polar bears are inviting the fans to watch the game with them “in the Arctic” by checking out The polar bears are brought to life through a live animation. This is a first for the Super Bowl as well as any other sporting event. Through the site, the polar bears will share their excitement and disappointment to the plays on the field, the commercials and halftime show.

Ever wanted to communicate with a polar bear? Well Coca-Cola is giving you the chance to this Sunday at the Super Bowl XLVI. They are responsible for the official @CocaCola Twitter account on Sunday. The hashtag #GameDayPolarBears was administered to the Polar Bears. This is giving the fans of Coca-Cola the opportunity to communicate directly through a social media spin.

Look out for the switch of profile pictures! It’s going to be a Polar Bear take over!

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Bring It On Social Media

As the technology boom persists  to increase in popularity, businesses are starting to incorporate social media at a much higher level. It is important to use the techniques that the greater population is using. Any industry has the opportunity to grow through social media. Facebook has over 800 million users and Twitter has close to 200 million users. Most of the users are likely to overlap between the two forms of communication but together they are reaching a population larger than any other method. Nonprofit organizations that are trying to raise money would find it useful to latch on to the tools that Facebook and Twitter offer now. In a matter of moments, one could create a Facebook status or Tweet a link to a website that gives the opportunity to donate money to the organization. People nowadays expect fast paced work with little room to spare. The social media outlets give businesses and individuals that opportunity. The internet makes everything easier!

It is shocking to see that there is an overwhelmingly larger number of people over the age of 35 on Facebook and Twitter now. It reaches across all generations rather than a small percentage. College students commonly say, “My parents and grandparents have a Facebook.” Five years ago, the majority of adults did not get involved in Facebook or Twitter. The amount of interaction and involvement that these social media tools give to businesses exponentially broadens the horizon of the company’s involvement in the community.

Corporations that reach a broad market need to hop on the bandwagon for social media if they haven’t already. It might seem useless for a company that targets an older market but word spreads faster than light. It is to the best of the corporations advantage to make the most out of these tools. For example, Marriott Hotels have been ranked as one of the corporations with the best social media tactics. Marriott relates to their customers through a blog personally written by Bill Marriott, a frequently updated and personal Twitter account and a Facebook page with close to 100,000 followers. They have perfected the use of social media in an unobtrusive and personal way. That is success.

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The Kraft Break Up

Kraft Foods Inc. recently announced their final plan to split their corporation into two independent public companies by the start of 2013. The planing for the split has been known to the public since August when it was in the works. Kraft Foods Inc. is losing about 1,600 employees through the corporate split. This divide is directly between the snack business and the grocery business. About 40% of the employee cuts are to come from the U.S. Sales Division of Kraft Foods Inc. The manufacturing units will not have any employee cuts therefore taking away employment from people primarily in the sales division. That number is very large when seen by itself but in comparison to Kraft Food Inc’s whole workforce, it only accounts for 1.6% of their 127,000 workforce.

Kraft Foods Inc. is the largest food manufacturing company in North America. The break up will relocate a lot of people to its corporate base in Chicago. The Chief Executive Irene Rosenfeld will handle the snack sector of Kraft Foods in Chicago while the President Anthony Vernon will be the Chief Executive of the grocery sector in East Hanover, New Jersey. The snacks business has an annual gross income of $32 billion while the grocery avenue only reaches $16 billion yearly.

The snack piece of Kraft Foods Inc. is primarily supported by Ritz, Oreo, Nabisco and Planters. The grocery business generates their profit from foods including Kraft and Velveeta cheeses, Maxwell House coffee and Capri Sun fruit drinks. Kraft Foods Inc. is the proud owner of over 50 household food and beverage brands.

Kraft knows how to cater to its audience. Although there is a large split occurring currently, Kraft is ensuring its consumers that they are still on top. This is done through multiple facets such as News Releases, Featured Brands on their website, and Twitter. The News Releases relay information about the new products that Kraft recently acquired. These products are displayed on the Featured Brands tab on their website with an interactive enticement for consumers to further look into it. Kraft Foods has a frequently updated Twitter that responds to all Tweets that mentioned @kraftfoods. Kraft Foods Inc. enlightens their consumers with insightful information that provides updates pertaining to products as well as newsworthy information.

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