Tommy Grows For Good

Tommy Bahama simultaneously joined forces with the Garden of Hope and Courage located in Naples, Florida. This nonprofit organization was finalized in 2004 after 14 years of preparation. Jan Emfield, wife of cofounder Bob Emfield, had a vision for this garden after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Jan would sit outside and write in her journal while enjoying the outdoors. It brought a sense of peace over her and she decided that others had to find this same feeling. She went into remission for four years and in that time seriously started to plan this beautiful garden. This garden is aimed to help others that have been targeted with a life threatening condition such as the one that she was diagnosed with. The garden is full of ponds, gardens and sculptures that offer a sense of peace to the people that are visitors to the garden.

I think that Tommy Bahama is doing a great job becoming an integral part of reaching out to a close member of the community in Naples. They have a special connection to the Garden of Hope and Courage and it is nice to see that. I like to see the efforts that Tommy Bahama is putting into raising money for a great cause.

The Garden of Hope and Courage was a creation that is meant to take the patients away from reality for a short amount of time. It is supposed to inspire hope and courage in the cancer fighters. Those are two feelings that could have a strong influence in the fight that one has against cancer. Relief from the hospital is a crucial element to take ones mind out of that setting and into a beautiful setting that has so much to offer. The foundation is aimed to help created awareness of the illness, to provide information about early detection and treatment and to raise money for extended cancer research.

Tommy Bahama is committed to raising awareness for this beautiful creation that Jan Emfield made possible before passing away. Every season Tommy Bahama designates a shirt to the foundation. A piece of the proceeds from the shirt go to the Garden of Hope and Courage foundation.

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M.A.C. Attack

M.A.C. has introduced a new line of cosmetics to raise money and awareness for HIV Aids. It is called the M.A.C. AIDS Fund. Every cent of each lipstick and lipgloss goes directly to the fund. Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj are the new spokespeople for the fund and hope to spread awareness of HIV Aids. Both of these individuals are famous singers. They definitely are able to promote this cause with respect. If people respect the campaign, then they will be more inclined to participate in it.

Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin are supporting a campaign that has been around for close to twenty five years. This campaign has raised millions of dollars for a cause that is currently cureless. When the campaign started, the awareness and support for HIV Aids was low and not really respected. People associated the disease with the homosexual population and looked the other way instead of putting efforts into helping prevent the disease. M.A.C. has chosen these two representatives to increase their presence in the cosmetic world. They use this tactic to create awareness to the issue at hand as well as bringing more interest in their products. This method is commonly used by industries to create attention on their products and proving that their company is the most prominent and well trusted.

Times are a lot different now and a large portion of our population respect this issue and want to help support it. This issue is not just focused on HIV Aids in America but also in other countries. There are two countries that have a strong correlation with poverty and HIV Aids; South Africa and the Caribbean. In the next couple of years the campaign will be strongly associated with these other countries and hopefully raise awareness for the disease.

Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin are proud sponsors of the M.A.C. Aids Fund. They are committed to help and hope that the funds raised will help with the issue and make a change. Change is always the desirable outcome. That is what we aim for.

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The Hoverers

As the times change, people have started to develop some stereotypes of the millennial generation. I am in that generation and can vow that some of the stereotypes are true about the generation I have grown up in. We have grown up with different family values than the generations before us. The millennial’s are focused on the media and technology. This is a true disadvantage in most cases because the typical age of professionals that will be interviewing my generation for future jobs is in the older age category(Generation X and Y). They grew up in a much more independent era that did not depend on technology and instant satisfaction.

It is interesting that businesses are thinking that they might need to start catering towards the parents to get on the good side of the young professionals that are applying for most entry level jobs these days. I cannot decide if that is just giving in to the negative stereotypes that my generation has. I would say that most people currently in the 18-25 age range know this stereotype and are well aware of it. If one was smart they would do everything they can to fight against it. It is a much better decision to go with the flow of the person that is interviewing them rather than vise versa.

Another aspect to this theory that could be interesting to think about is the fact that a lot of these professionals that are interviewing my generation for jobs would most likely have kids the same age as us. They must know what it is like to raise kids in this era of technology. Everything is handed to us a lot easier than it used to be. Computers have been a life saver and a life changer. They have changed almost everything about the way things are done in the business world now. That could be a huge component of why the “helicopter parents” are more apparent now because they are worried their children aren’t going to try as hard at reaching their potential.

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Sneaky Seating

Ever wonder if you could find that special someone on your next flight? Now it is possible with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines! They have made it possible for people to link their website through Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Privacy has been breached in a whole new way. Although one has a decision whether to show their picture and provide the airlines and the other passengers on the flight with this information, it still seems odd to make it public.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the first airline company to participate in this social media networking into their seat selection. They have been involved in other campaigns such as “Fly2Miami” and “KLM Live Reply” promotions in the past. These promotions were through Twitter and other social media sites. This new service is called, “Meet & Seat”. It is only being used for a few international flights from Amsterdam, San Francisco, New York and São Paulo. The program will soon expand through other airlines and other locations but for now it is just being tested out in only a few international airports.

It works very simply and is made available 90 days before the flights original departure. Once you have entered your information in the “Manage My Booking” tab in your reservation then each passenger is alerted after anyone else inputs their information in the system. It is simple and works very proficiently. It gives people the opportunity to pick their spots as if they were participating in an online dating website. Although that is not the reason for this new service, it can prevent issues between passengers if the passenger chose their seat based upon a Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has a strong social media presence. This new “Meet & Seat” campaign has clearly laid out the privacy precautions. People are clearly told that their information is only available for people on the flight and will be erased 48 hours after departure. There is no third parties involved, it is just KLM Royal Dutch Airlines that has any access to the information. It is a fun new way to meet people! Get going already and “Meet & Seat”!

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Toms New Crush On The USA

Toms Shoes has become a phenomenon throughout the nation over the past six years. After the founder, Black Mycoskie, saw the hardships that children in Argentina were facing, he decided that he needed to do something to help them. The next year he traveled back to Argentina with 10,000 pairs of shoes for the children there. This prompted the start of the One for One movement. Toms originally only gave shoes to 20 communities in countries such as Africa, China, South America and now has expanded into our very own country. The USA now is able to participate in the One for One campaign. Nearly half of the Native American children in the United States live in a state of poverty. This group of Native American people in America are considered some of the poorest minorities in the United States.

Toms has spent about a year working with the National Relief Charities learning more about the Native American reservation population and their need for shoes. Many of the families that are living on the reservations are in rural, isolated communities. They struggle to obtain fresh food, health care, jobs, and other basic supplies such as clothing. Their everyday commute can take up to three hours. “The shoes we give to these children are sometimes the first pair of well-fitting shoes they’ve ever owned. New shoes give them confidence in school, something echoed by our Giving Partners abroad.”

This opportunity that Toms is taking to help children in the USA is opening a new door to the foundation. Toms has also expanded to eyewear as well as shoes. The expansion is reaching new levels. More people find out about Toms every day and it has really impacted the world in more than one way. Toms Shoes does a great job looking for the best opportunity to show their strong presence in the industry. Taking part in such large donations and impacting the world really puts Toms on top for a fashion company who turns most of their profit and revenue to a good cause. Who knows what will be next?

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Ruff Ro McDonalds

McDonalds is probably the most well known fast food chain in the world. It is located in almost every country and is clearly recognizable at each restaurant. Although it is fast food and people do make a lot of comments on the hygienics of the food, it is still a huge money maker. Because of the high low income areas in this country as well as other around the world, there is a large amount of customers that eat McDonalds on a regular basis. Even though there are people that will try and take a bite at any opportunity that they have to shine light on the wrongs that McDonalds does, McDonalds is prepared. They showed that with this small mishap. As fast as social media moves now, every corporation should be prepared for something like this to happen. It only takes one person to make a comment go viral. These comments did go viral and McDonalds stopped the #McDStories.

The idea was brilliant and seemed like a good way to get the positive pieces of McDonalds out there for the public to see but too many people were ready to pounce on the negative stories. The hashtag about #MeetTheFarmers was another tactic to publicize the good things. But any fast food restaurant has to expect to take criticism from other companies that are fighting for healthier foods as well as consumers that have had bad experiences with this product.

McDonalds does a great job at being involved with their consumers though. Checking their website, I notice that the first image that pops up on the screen is the hashtag, #thelittlethings. These simple comments are giving the public a chance to be involved in the activities that McDonalds participates in. There is a whole page on their website that is called “Let’s Talk” and is giving people the ability to look further into the efforts that McDonalds puts into sustainability from the top executives.

Fast food restaurants always have a struggle when it comes to publicity but McDonalds seems to be making a large effort in that category and I respect them for that. Even though fast food is not my choice of food, it still means a lot to see the outside participation in the community and environment.

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