Sneaky Seating

Ever wonder if you could find that special someone on your next flight? Now it is possible with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines! They have made it possible for people to link their website through Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Privacy has been breached in a whole new way. Although one has a decision whether to show their picture and provide the airlines and the other passengers on the flight with this information, it still seems odd to make it public.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the first airline company to participate in this social media networking into their seat selection. They have been involved in other campaigns such as “Fly2Miami” and “KLM Live Reply” promotions in the past. These promotions were through Twitter and other social media sites. This new service is called, “Meet & Seat”. It is only being used for a few international flights from Amsterdam, San Francisco, New York and São Paulo. The program will soon expand through other airlines and other locations but for now it is just being tested out in only a few international airports.

It works very simply and is made available 90 days before the flights original departure. Once you have entered your information in the “Manage My Booking” tab in your reservation then each passenger is alerted after anyone else inputs their information in the system. It is simple and works very proficiently. It gives people the opportunity to pick their spots as if they were participating in an online dating website. Although that is not the reason for this new service, it can prevent issues between passengers if the passenger chose their seat based upon a Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has a strong social media presence. This new “Meet & Seat” campaign has clearly laid out the privacy precautions. People are clearly told that their information is only available for people on the flight and will be erased 48 hours after departure. There is no third parties involved, it is just KLM Royal Dutch Airlines that has any access to the information. It is a fun new way to meet people! Get going already and “Meet & Seat”!

Photo Credit: √oхέƒx™


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