Toms New Crush On The USA

Toms Shoes has become a phenomenon throughout the nation over the past six years. After the founder, Black Mycoskie, saw the hardships that children in Argentina were facing, he decided that he needed to do something to help them. The next year he traveled back to Argentina with 10,000 pairs of shoes for the children there. This prompted the start of the One for One movement. Toms originally only gave shoes to 20 communities in countries such as Africa, China, South America and now has expanded into our very own country. The USA now is able to participate in the One for One campaign. Nearly half of the Native American children in the United States live in a state of poverty. This group of Native American people in America are considered some of the poorest minorities in the United States.

Toms has spent about a year working with the National Relief Charities learning more about the Native American reservation population and their need for shoes. Many of the families that are living on the reservations are in rural, isolated communities. They struggle to obtain fresh food, health care, jobs, and other basic supplies such as clothing. Their everyday commute can take up to three hours. “The shoes we give to these children are sometimes the first pair of well-fitting shoes they’ve ever owned. New shoes give them confidence in school, something echoed by our Giving Partners abroad.”

This opportunity that Toms is taking to help children in the USA is opening a new door to the foundation. Toms has also expanded to eyewear as well as shoes. The expansion is reaching new levels. More people find out about Toms every day and it has really impacted the world in more than one way. Toms Shoes does a great job looking for the best opportunity to show their strong presence in the industry. Taking part in such large donations and impacting the world really puts Toms on top for a fashion company who turns most of their profit and revenue to a good cause. Who knows what will be next?

Photo Credit: mrsdkrebs


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