The Hoverers

As the times change, people have started to develop some stereotypes of the millennial generation. I am in that generation and can vow that some of the stereotypes are true about the generation I have grown up in. We have grown up with different family values than the generations before us. The millennial’s are focused on the media and technology. This is a true disadvantage in most cases because the typical age of professionals that will be interviewing my generation for future jobs is in the older age category(Generation X and Y). They grew up in a much more independent era that did not depend on technology and instant satisfaction.

It is interesting that businesses are thinking that they might need to start catering towards the parents to get on the good side of the young professionals that are applying for most entry level jobs these days. I cannot decide if that is just giving in to the negative stereotypes that my generation has. I would say that most people currently in the 18-25 age range know this stereotype and are well aware of it. If one was smart they would do everything they can to fight against it. It is a much better decision to go with the flow of the person that is interviewing them rather than vise versa.

Another aspect to this theory that could be interesting to think about is the fact that a lot of these professionals that are interviewing my generation for jobs would most likely have kids the same age as us. They must know what it is like to raise kids in this era of technology. Everything is handed to us a lot easier than it used to be. Computers have been a life saver and a life changer. They have changed almost everything about the way things are done in the business world now. That could be a huge component of why the “helicopter parents” are more apparent now because they are worried their children aren’t going to try as hard at reaching their potential.

Photo Credit: ZaCky


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