Tommy Grows For Good

Tommy Bahama simultaneously joined forces with the Garden of Hope and Courage located in Naples, Florida. This nonprofit organization was finalized in 2004 after 14 years of preparation. Jan Emfield, wife of cofounder Bob Emfield, had a vision for this garden after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Jan would sit outside and write in her journal while enjoying the outdoors. It brought a sense of peace over her and she decided that others had to find this same feeling. She went into remission for four years and in that time seriously started to plan this beautiful garden. This garden is aimed to help others that have been targeted with a life threatening condition such as the one that she was diagnosed with. The garden is full of ponds, gardens and sculptures that offer a sense of peace to the people that are visitors to the garden.

I think that Tommy Bahama is doing a great job becoming an integral part of reaching out to a close member of the community in Naples. They have a special connection to the Garden of Hope and Courage and it is nice to see that. I like to see the efforts that Tommy Bahama is putting into raising money for a great cause.

The Garden of Hope and Courage was a creation that is meant to take the patients away from reality for a short amount of time. It is supposed to inspire hope and courage in the cancer fighters. Those are two feelings that could have a strong influence in the fight that one has against cancer. Relief from the hospital is a crucial element to take ones mind out of that setting and into a beautiful setting that has so much to offer. The foundation is aimed to help created awareness of the illness, to provide information about early detection and treatment and to raise money for extended cancer research.

Tommy Bahama is committed to raising awareness for this beautiful creation that Jan Emfield made possible before passing away. Every season Tommy Bahama designates a shirt to the foundation. A piece of the proceeds from the shirt go to the Garden of Hope and Courage foundation.

Photo Credit: Sarah Korf


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