Make Sure Your CEO Isn’t Digging a Hole

The article, “CEO Communications: Five Phrases That Signal ‘BS'” shows a lot of insight to the tactics that CEO of companies should follow. I believe that it is very true to be as trustworthy to the public because without them, the company would most likely not survive. Survival is key in the corporate life. It is a natural instinct to not shop somewhere if you know that they epopel that work for that company are not trustworthy. It is only human nature. This article gives good insight into the ways that people are able to find faulty CEO’s.  The article links to a website called the 10 company. This website gives aid to companies to transform their companies into an honorable space that ensures executives are taking the time to use their strategies to be accountable always.

I am interested to know the financial decrease in revenue if a CEO is found to be at fault. The communications crisis team has a short time period to make sure it is all solved in a proper way and if that time frame is missed, they are potentially in a lot of danger. I have learned throughout my public relations classes at the University of Oregon to always tell the truth and tell it fast to avoid any more issue.

I would hold a little more trust in someone if they told me the true story from the beginning rather than after the fact. I found that the line stating, “This deal is a win-win.” seems slimy and too confident to make such a rash statement before being completely positive about the result of the deal. To me it shows overconfidence and gives a sense of discomfort to the consumer.

CEO’s are the face of the company and have to make sure they are balancing confidence with reality. It is great to be able to tell the good news without people doubting you! No one wants a CEO who cries wolf!

Photo Credit: Pop Weasle 

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