Disney Gives a Big Tribute

Disney is honoring Steve Jobs in their upcoming movie, “John Carter”. The movie is coming out next Friday and taking a big step to dedicating their film to Steve Jobs. He was a big part of the company over the past couple of decades and sat as a board member. Jobs has yet to be honored due to the lack of Disney and Pixar movies released since his passing. It is a subject that no one wants to approach because of the huge hole that both companies feel.

It is hard to honor someone that has done so much in his lifetime. He left this earth too early and is now being honored by the respectable movie conglomerates, Disney and Pixar. Both of these companies work very closely with one another and have a bond that is intertwined through people such as Steve Jobs. Jobs was a huge component to Disney but actually owned Pixar. Disney had to discuss the honoring of Jobs before having it be approved because Pixar has the closer connection to him because of his ownership of Pixar.

The death of anyone is tough and it is tough to actually face the fact that someone who left such a big mark here is now gone. Pixar has a couple of movies that are coming out in the next sixth months and his closest friends did not want too much time to pass without publicly honoring Jobs. He will be honored for the next many movies but “John Carter” is the first one.

Thank you Steve Jobs for all that you have done in your lifetime. It really is inspirational and your memory lives on.

Photo Credit: indigo_girl


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