The Beauty of Internships

As a college student, I think that internships hold more value than any other type of job. We are not taught how to have a job. We are not taught exactly what we are going to do after college. These types of things are found through working in different jobs and getting experiences that can show one the things they like and do not like. Internships prove that point exactly.

If you do not test out the waters before jumping into a job, there is a high chance that you will not like the job. I do agree that being open minded for our first job is important. The Intern Queen gives students opportunities that they would otherwise not be able to find. Connections are key and if you are lucky enough to have one then utilizing it is crucial.

I once heard from someone that when it comes to keeping in touch with professionals, it is important to always be “pleasantly persistent.” This means that when you are contacting someone in a company and they do not respond, to just be pleasantly persistent. This avoids both parties thinking that the other has forgotten about them. I found that most executives and professionals have their emails flooded by the hour and it is important to bring your name up to the top of their email list.

Internships are sometimes a good indicator for a job that one would like to have in the future. In this case, that person should feel as though the hit the jackpot. They should definitely keep in touch as much as they can with the people that they worked with and hope for a job offer at the time of graduation. holds a boat load of information that gives opportunities to students in need of a little assistance finding that perfect internship for them. Thank you!

Photo Credit: freakgirl


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