Southwest Takes Steps to Get Cozy in Denver

Southwest Airlines has done a great job reaching out to the communities that they fly through. Denver did not used to be such a big hub for Southwest. In the past five years they have expanded from 13 daily nonstop flights to three locations to 159 daily nonstop flights to 51 locations. I cannot believe how big of a change the Denver airport has had recently. Southwest has put in a lot of efforts to be involved in the Denver community. This is not the first time they have done this in places where they fly through but Denver has outdone them all. In just the last two years Southwest Airlines has built the Southwest Porch, Southwest Rink at Skyline Park, and now the newest addition Southwest Court at Skyline Park.

All of these efforts are in large part a way to provide an incentive to people that are in the Mile High Club. It is an honor to be in the club and Southwest wants to reward them for their dedication to the airline. It has become easy for Southwest frequent flyers to find easy activities to do while visiting Denver. Southwest Airlines has a close connection to Denver through the Denver Nuggets, Red Rock Amphitheater, Denver’s Road Home and other common community activities in the city. Southwest makes it a priority to show their gratitude toward Denver and their close partnership with Downtown Denver. This is a great form of communication to the public in the Denver area and for Southwest Airlines in general. They create a positive environment and treat their dedicated customers with respect. I hope it continues like that in the future!

Photo Credit: ladybugbkt


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